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Minh-Phuc Tran
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Build Apps That Live Inside Notion

nbundle makes it ridiculously easy to build, share, & use apps that live inside Notion.

This enables developers to build new apps or turn their existing products or any original tools into magical Notion apps to speed up & streamline tasks.

For users

Get access to apps that work directly inside your Notion, you don't have to leave your Notion to get things done anymore.

nbundle is available for free for all users.*

For developers

Get access to nbundle SDK & developer portal that saves you years to build & maintain apps that live inside Notion.

Yes, it's years. It is ridiculously hard or even impossible for many to build & maintain a set of toolings to build & distribute apps that live inside Notion.

  • All platforms: all modern browsers, Mac App, Window App.
  • Get & update the current Notion page that the user is browsing in real-time
  • Real-time event triggers: the user navigates to a page / creates a new page / updates a page, etc.
  • Auto-update: auto-distribute your latest updates to user devices, with automatic notifications & release notes
  • Error & conflict handling: work flawlessly with other apps, even when other apps fail, and auto-retry when your app fails
  • Permission control: let users know & control what your apps can do
  • API compatibility: zero maintenance, nbundle will automatically update itself to work with the latest Notion updates & help developers incrementally adopt new improvements without unnecessary breaking changes

It's free for every developer and most apps:

  • Free if your app is making less than $10,000/year.
  • Custom plan if your app is making more than $10,000/year.

* while nbundle is free for all users, nbundle apps may not be free.

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