Finance for Side Hustlers

Minh-Phuc Tran

A finance management 💵 template built for side hustlers 👨‍💻 that not only helps you manage your finance but also tells when you can quit 9-5 with a calm mind.

How it works?

1️⃣ Set your target to $X/month for Y years (e.g. $3k/month for 2 years)

2️⃣ Add your saving(s), income stream(s), and expense(s).

3️⃣ The app tells when you can quit with your finance in control. Change your target and expense(s) to see how different plans can work for you.


✦ No panic attack. Set a financial target and know when you can quit, with a peace of mind. All you need to care, both before and after quit, is to focus on the work.

✦ Easily add and manage your current saving(s), income stream(s), and expense(s) in one place.

✦ Easily add and manage all of your monthly and yearly expense(s) (e.g. living cost, subscriptions) and see how they can impact your goal of financial independence.

✦ See how an expense can impact your goal before and/or after quit.

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